Urban House Security

With it’s nearly cutting edge security system, the Urban House is as close to a fortress as one can get without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Advanced Security System (4 dots)

Requires 15 successes to disarm, -2 penalty, within 20 seconds (6 turns). Occupants, if connected to the system via computer or smart phone, can modify the system (such as shutting down the lifts or modifying keycard restrictions). If outsiders attempt this, it requires 15 successes on a Hacking roll, again, at a -2 penalty.

System includes:
Video Surveillance at every door, at the roof, and at easily accessed windows on the first and second floors, the concealed lifts, and the “entry room”
Key-Cards & Pass codes are required to enter any door, including the garage doors and the door between the garage and the house. The key cards are only issued to residents (Alina, Aiyana, Dr. Olivette), although temporary cards are issued to others (such as LaVie), they expire every week, and must be reprogrammed to work. The “key cards” take the form of a small usb drive that holds about 2 gigs of material. To the outside observer, these are just usb drives that anyone may carry on their keys.
Changing Codes occur regularly (say, once a month), and are wirelessly sent to the “key cards” a few days before the scheduled change so that they may learn it before it changes.
Fingerprint Biometrics: To operate the lift or open doors (front, rear, and garage to house), there is a small spot (like those found on laptops – an inch long and as thick as the tine of a fork) which requires occupants to swipe a finger. Guests are kept stored, although they may not have a key card or the passcode. The fingerprints scanned are recorded and stored.

All the information is stored onsight, as well as backed up twice a day to a protected server. The key cards also help to keep track of, roughly, where people are within the home. This information is recorded, but deleted from the onsight computer every week. Although it may seem intrusive, it provides some comfort in knowing who was in whose room and, if an outside should manage to break in, there will be a record of what chose to see/take/meddle with.

The CPU which records data is located beneath the master closet and is, like the other secure areas, fitted with a camera, key card, passcode (different from the rest), and fingerprint scanning, as well as retinal scanning. No guests have access to this, only the owner, Alina, and Aiyana.

A failed scan at doors or the lift will shut down the system until an authorized user uses the system. Furthermore, a failed scan will lock down all access to the CPU storage room (locking the doors of the master closet, which just so happens to be lined with a thick layer of steel and iron along the walls and door, with the door featuring a bank vault style interior lock). A silent alarm will go off – sending text messages to all authorized users cellphones (if they possess one) as well as their key-card, which will display a red light, as if in use, but red rather than green.

Urban House Security

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