Urban House

Owned by Dr. Marit, the large house is shared among the characters, who took her up on her offer to rent a room in a house she wasn’t using. It features 3 bedrooms taking up the second and third stories. The third story has a single room and a flat, open roof accessible through a large third floor window (the roof is largely unused, but could be used for plants or a large “porch”). The lifts of the house have been disguised as closets (1st floor = coat closet, 2nd & 3rd = linen closets), and only work with the door properly closed and if you’ve pressed the hidden switches. The largest bedroom – the master suite – is used a temporary rooms for visitors, temporary friends, or the owner of the house. Some of the rooms have small, hidden areas perfect for hiding illegal or rare items that occupants may not want to leave sitting around.

The “Crafts Room” has been converted to a work room by Alina and Aiyana, and contains a large library of books. It contains Aiyana’s book collection (Anthropology books on the people, beliefs, myths, and occult practices of Native American (North and South) and Africans) as well as Alina’s book collection (on the Mythology of various world cultures). It offers a +6 bonus on “general” research, but only +3 in the specified areas (say, which Native American tribe believes that witches turn into owls (Aiyana) or which European culture believes that unconsecrated graves house ghouls). It contains a moderately sized table, with enough room for four or five people to work without bumping elbows. Another corner contains a huge desk with a myriad of drawers – the desk that Aiyana uses for her… craft projects.

The house contains all the gadgets and gizmos that an Advanced Security System provides (4 dots) (See Security System for more information). It also contains a hidden basement that PCs have no knowledge of and, subsequently, no way to access.

Urban cottage

Urban house floorplan

Urban House

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