Rossgrove WoD

Third Session, ST OOC

In the morning, Aiyana went and talked to Catherine Samson, who has been very distraught about the death of Henry. Catherine reported hearing cats fighting the night Henry died.
Alina went to church, and was directed to Father Anthony, who knows about exorcisms. Father Anthony didn’t have much to help, but directed Alina to the Saving Light Motherhood Center, a clinic where Father Anthony volunteers at and mentioned knowing that some of the mothers had visited.
Aiyana talked to Henry and Anna Wallace, grandparents of Thomas and Jacob. There she found cat footprints on the windowsill of the infant’s room. Returning to the house, Aiyana researched what they could be dealing with and found some useful information about Loogarous.
Visiting the clinic, Alina was asked by the head nurse to check on two women that hadn’t been back in some time, LeAnn Jakes and Mary Sara James.
Aiyana returned to the shack, finding no cats, but an angry old woman. She tried to convince her to get help, but the woman was uncooperative.
Alina and Aiyana searched for LeAnn Jakes, but found an empty house with no signs of children. They found Mary Sara James at a crack house, who reported that her baby was dead and that LeAnn might be found in similar circumstances.
Alina and Aiyana met with Dr. Olivette, and learned more about Loogarous. They began to form a plan to deal with Yvonne, who Aiyana identified through mail found at the shack.



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