Rossgrove WoD

Skoo-kum, Apparently, Don't Like Guns

Alina had decided to tag along to check on the last living baby. Aiyana was relatively surprised to notice that the grandmother had actually already taken precautions of her own. She recognized, vaguely, the Voodoo symbols on the walls, the garlic satchel on the door, and the red twine around the windows. Pennies along the doorway, that was another alternative to salt. She’d have to remember that…

The night wasn’t entirely wasted, as she strolled out the door to find Alina staring at an angry cat that’d jumped on the hood of the fucking car. A glance told her Alina wasn’t looking, and she shifted to follow the startled cat to that dank pit known as the park. Fuck, there were a LOT of cats in there, surrounding this shitty little shack. She’d be back later, but for now, Alina might need a hand. She got back just in time to find Alina, again, trapped in the SUV, this time by that damned skoo-kum. She landed behind the car, out of sight, and shifted and shot the thing in one smooth action. It didn’t seem to like that, but the damn thing didn’t bleed. Then her muscles seized up and she saw a flash. Skoo-kum mustn’t like guns, because the thing took off like a bat out of hell. When Aiyana glanced at Alina, she was looking at something, so she shifted again and took off after it, following it down the alley where it suddenly disappeared into the night.

The shack? Alina would assume she’d taken off after it or run away, either way, she had a moment of time. She flew back to the shack at double time and searched the place. Nothing much to be seen, really, some random pamphlets. Then the skoo-kum came back, she saw the light glittering in the trees from the cabin. Well, she wasn’t going to fuck with it again. Not after last time, she needed to know more about it. She called out and it disappeared, so she fled.

The car ride home was… tense. Alina was not amused at having been left in Aiyana’s car with no keys and no way to go home. Aiyana wasn’t about to tell Alina what all was hidden in this car, but she suggested they take separate cars from now on… not only to prevent such things, but well, to give two targets and keep Alina from discovering what all was in the SUV. She hadn’t told Alina about the shack, not yet. She wasn’t sure if that thing followed her or was heading there. She starts to think it was heading there (why disappear and then reappear, but not attack her?). So many questions whirl in her mind as she heads to sleep, along with a few curses aimed at Dr. Olivette; what the fuck does that gringa think I can do about a skoo-kum that doesn’t even bleed?



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