Rossgrove WoD

Session 4: Does 10 hours flying an airplane exhaust you as much as 10 hours flying around as a bird, without landing once (Hint: nope!)

It was decided, they’d make sure the woman was the creature before killing her. Aiyana left to watch the woman’s shack – nothing much happened, so she waited until shortly before sunset and then went home to get ready for an execution and/or salting. Braiding her hair with bee’s wax in the mirror (to prevent leaving hairs at a crime scene, of course), she was surprised to see a man looking at her. When she said hello, it vanished. Curious, she simply warned Alina not to look into mirrors and didn’t explain. They took separate cars, of course.

They waited, and after it got dark, a light appeared in the shack. Then, suddenly, a fog rolled in from nowhere. Took advantage of the cover, Aiyana snuck into the house, heard a muffled noise, and glanced behind her, seeing and hearing nothing more. She started searching likely hiding spots until she pulled a blanket away and saw… ugh, old woman flesh. She pulled the salt out and began dumping it onto the disgusting mass.

Just a few moments after she’d liberally sprinkled the thing, Alina ran in bringing the skoo-kum with her. The paralytic urge to freeze passed over her immediately, but she willed her way through it. Alina then turned and ran, coward, but Aiyana got a shot off at the thing anyway. It still didn’t bleed, but it wasn’t happy. This same cycle repeated again, with her realizing it was futile to let it wear away her will. She changed to a Raven and escaped to the edge of the clearing, hoping it would follow.Weary from fighting paralysis, she drew it away from the shack, flying and circling for 10 long hours until the sun began to rise rose. As the skoo-kum lost hope, and stopped fighting to disperse into morning mist, Aiyana felt a tinge of sadness and prayed that Crow would speed the woman’s spirit to the afterworld.

Exhausted, she flew to her car where she was surprised to see crime scene tape. She wondered fleetingly if Alina had been carjacked, but her phone showed she was alive. Coward. She hadn’t been sure how much she could trust Alina, and now was pretty sure she couldn’t trust her at all. She certainly didn’t have much care for Aiyana’s life. She’d run without even looking back. If there was anything worse than a break-up via text it was “are you still alive even though I left you with the deadly creature” via text. And then staying away, completely, not even coming to check as Aiyana spent ten hours circling endlessly to keep the creature away from its skin… Twice now, she’d distracted that skoo-kum from Alina, attacking it and drawing its attention to herself, as if Alina were part of her community. She forgot that Alina wasn’t, really, she was an outsider. One of them. Not to be trusted.

Leaving Dr. Olivette a simple message “She dissipated in the dawn’s light – the skin is still there, if you want a salty trophy. There’s infrared video I’ll be sending when I wake up,” she slips exhaustedly into her bed and feels a pang of longing for her neighborhood, with its tight-knit community where family, friends, neighbors, and even fellow gang members had your back and watched out for each other. The world, it seemed, was darker than it seemed and showed no signs of lightening any time soon. It’d be nice to have some help. She was so damned tired.



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