Rossgrove WoD

Second Session, ST OOC

Aiyana picked up Alina and together they went to the home of the only living child in Garden View, Benjen Wallis. With Alina waiting in the car, Aiyana spoke to the boy’s grandmother, Kate, and discovered that she had placed many “wards” around the house.
A cat jumped on the hood of the car, and Alina took a picture of it using a Kirilian camera. The photo indicated that there was an unnatural presence around the cat. The cat fled at the flash, and, returning, Aiyana chased after it, following it to Thomas Park. There she found a great number of cats surrounding a small shack, littered with Chicken bones.
Meanwhile, back at the Wallis’, Alina noticed a strange ball of light approaching the home. Taking a picture seemed to get it’s attention, and it flew towards Alina, who found herself paralyzed with fear. Aiyana arrived soon after, and shot the sphere, which then fled. Alina noticed that the picture she took seemed to project and aura of intense hatred. Aiyana followed the sphere until it disappeared in an alley a short distance away.
Alina attempted to talk to Kate Wallis, but the old woman wanted nothing to do with her, hiding inside and saying she called the cops after the gunshot. Returning to the park, Aiyana entered the shack, where, among various trash and racist literature, she found a small box just as the cats outside became disturbed at something. The ball of light was approaching the shack, until Aiyana called out to it, and it disappeared once again.



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