Rossgrove WoD

Crazy Gringas

Chris said make a log of what I did, like a journal, so here’s my stab at it (also, this is what you get when you don’t give guidelines.)

That pinche pendejo loca gringa profesor perra, sticking her nose into community business, and for what? To stick a pair of desperate grad students with looking for a fucking skoo-kum. And one of those grad students had a student visa at risk. Professor aside, Aiyana felt the tug of community pulling at her, especially with her cousin fitting so neatly in with the victims. So, she started with her cousin.

She didn’t get much to go on – a ball of light. A crazy old man, a woman who may have seen something so awful she slit her wrists, another woman touched by God whose children described the “Angel” as a ball of white light. A “big fucking cat”, and a REAL loca gringa. She felt compelled to try and help the crazy one – she only hoped she remembered the lines of salt go on the floor, not up her nose. It’d been a long night, a bit crazy, but between Alina and her, they’d gotten a real lead. The only infant under 6 months not to die yet. It’s looking like she has one last errand to run before she can sleep. She’d like to go home to her bed and process this all, maybe check her books for shapeshifting baby killing cat demons, but… She’d just visited half a dozen women, families, who’d lost a baby. She can’t help but remember the tight, suffocating feeling when Xavier died. One more stop before bed, if only to ensure another family doesn’t have to feel that sting. She’d heard Alina – watch for mirrors. She remembered her grandmother Troeh and kept sage tucked into her pocket. If nothing else, perhaps she could rig up a dream catcher and pray that her Raven spirit let her trick the skoo-kum into it. Maybe.



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