Rossgrove WoD

Fourth Session, ST OOC

Deciding to try Dr. Olivette’s suggestion of salting the skin, Aiyana and Alina headed to the park at sundown. A bit after dark, the mysterious light appeared, and then faded away into an incoming fog.
While Aiyana went to investigate, Alina stayed behind, presumably watching her back. An intense feeling of fear came over her as she waited, cowering the the blind. It wasn’t until her willpower began to drain that she realized something was wrong. As the waves of emotion began to crest into a deep depression, she decided to make a run for the shack, where Aiyana had found the witch’s skin and was pouring salt on it.
The spirit ball manifested in the cramped confines of the shack, lashing out at Aiyana, who resisted its attempts to paralyze her, and fired back at it. Alina fled, while Aiyana, after bullets seemed ineffective, decided to fly away and occupy the spirit, lest it attempt to clear the salt from it’s skin.
When Alina made it back to her car, she came upon some would-be carjackers, but conflict was avoided through a drive-by by a rival gang, leaving one of the three carjackers dead and one critically wounded. After pleas of help from the survivor and some quick first aid to stop the major bleeding, Alina took the pair to the hospital, where she learned about a brutal new gang in town, the K.
Back at the shack, when morning came, the spirit simply faded away into the morning mists. An irritated Aiyana headed back to her vehicle, finding the area of the parking lot where Alina parked to be cordoned off with crime scene tape.



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