Rossgrove WoD

First Session, ST OOC

Aiyana and Alina were asked by Dr. Olivette to investigate strange happenings in Garden View. Marit explained the concepts of Archetypes and Avatars, thinking that they may have something to do with the situation.
Investigating a string of infant deaths, Aiyana went to visit her cousin, Louise Washington, who lost her baby. Louise reported seeing a strange light outside her window that night. Investigating an apartment across the way for the source of the light, Aiyana was directed to the apartment of Jane Poe, who was very uncooperative. Breaking in after Jane stopped responding, Aiyana found her dead in her bathtub. In the meantime, Alina searched for records of the dead children, and found a number of leads.
On the information relayed from Alina, Aiyana went to the home of Catherine and Jonah Frazier. Jonah appeared tired and said that Catherine was asleep, and hadn’t been sleeping well. Jonah asked Aiyana to come back the next morning.
Next, she went to Karen Frazier’s. Karen was disturbed by the insinuation that she had been responsible for the death, and reported seeing a very large cat the day Brenda died.
Then Aiyana visited Lucy Wahls, who believed Rick was taken to heaven by an angel because two of her other children reported seeing a bright light that night. The children drew pictures of a ball of light, which may or may not have had wings.
Lastly, Aiyana went to the scene of the most recent death. Gilda Smith was very paranoid, but reported seeing a “ghost” looming over her bed the night her baby died.



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