Rossgrove WoD

Session 3: Wherein We Learn that a Betty White Look Alike Steals the Souls of Babies

The day started out, well, weird but not too badly. Aiyana interviewed a few more mothers, finding more connections to cats. She thinks about it, but, it seemed like the cats at the shack did not like the skoo-kum. They yowled and screamed as if fighting. She wonders what the connection is, but, perhaps cats just see evil spirits and don’t like them? There were enough chicken bones around that shack to draw a horde of cats, so maybe that was enough.

She stopped by the shack again, wondering about the cats and was shocked to see there weren’t any. Not a single cat, where there had been at least a dozen last night. She was equally shocked to see an ancient woman living in the shack and tried chatting with her, tried to get her out of the shack, but the woman wasn’t having any of it. She offered her $20 to help her out (hoping, again, to build a bit of a bond), but nothing came of it except finding out the woman hated cats for digging through her stuff and trying to steal her food. Still, she set up a pair of cameras to watch the shack, just in case.

Alina was gone when she got home, so she went upstairs and searched the library for some kind of myth or occult belief about balls of ghosts, old women, and, potentially, an antagonism with cats. She ran across the “lou garou”, a Voodoo belief and felt something click into place. It seemed right.

When Alina came home, she informed Aiyana of her daily activities, and, in return, Aiyana told her about the Voodoo story. The two travelled to the homes of two drug addicts who were pregnant, but hadn’t been heard from, nor had anyone heard of their babies birth or death. They weren’t on the list. The first house was a bust. It wasn’t worth the time spent picking the lock, it was empty and there were no baby items at all. The second house was a crack den, and it took $10 to find the woman, and $50 to make her talk. Aiyana offered her help with rehab, got the name of her dealer, and files the name away.

When Alina decided to wait for their appointment at home, Aiyana decided to follow up with the dealer. She saw the negative effect drugs had on her community… she really wished they’d go sell in some rich neighborhood and bring money into the community, instead of leaving the men and women of her home shells. She found out the rough details of the kingpin and makes a mental note of her next “job” details. When Alina and the Professor aren’t paying attention, she’ll set up the cameras and bugs for a pay day. It’s time his money went to a better place – she thinks a women’s shelter might be best. With, of course, a modest finder’s fee for herself.

The meeting with the Professor was at least somewhat productive, allowing her to employ her Spanish skills to take out her frustration on her Professor. She didn’t have anything personal against the woman, but, come on? Two graduate students vs. a Voodoo shapeshifter? The question of how to stop Yvonne (if she really was the shifter) circled in Aiyana’s mind… She could bond with the old woman, maybe, over their shared attributes. Maybe setting the woman up as a crack dealer or meth cook? That’d be a good use of a dealer’s stash. It seems this creature is hard to deal with in skoo-kum form. If she can’t shake Alina and talk to the woman alone, salting the skin is the best chance they have. They don’t even know where she’ll strike next, so salt it will have to be. She just hopes the skin is easy to find – she didn’t see any skin laying around last night.



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