Rossgrove WoD

Fuck this Town
Fuck this town specifically. I was nearly killed by a ball of light, my so-called partner left me alone AGAIN. Fuck her and her suspicious ways. There is something off about her. Also, I saved a damn gang member who was trying to steal my car. I learned about a new gang called the ks. Violent robberies have been attributed to the k, but there is no news on who the leader might be.
Session 4: Does 10 hours flying an airplane exhaust you as much as 10 hours flying around as a bird, without landing once (Hint: nope!)

It was decided, they’d make sure the woman was the creature before killing her. Aiyana left to watch the woman’s shack – nothing much happened, so she waited until shortly before sunset and then went home to get ready for an execution and/or salting. Braiding her hair with bee’s wax in the mirror (to prevent leaving hairs at a crime scene, of course), she was surprised to see a man looking at her. When she said hello, it vanished. Curious, she simply warned Alina not to look into mirrors and didn’t explain. They took separate cars, of course.

They waited, and after it got dark, a light appeared in the shack. Then, suddenly, a fog rolled in from nowhere. Took advantage of the cover, Aiyana snuck into the house, heard a muffled noise, and glanced behind her, seeing and hearing nothing more. She started searching likely hiding spots until she pulled a blanket away and saw… ugh, old woman flesh. She pulled the salt out and began dumping it onto the disgusting mass.

Just a few moments after she’d liberally sprinkled the thing, Alina ran in bringing the skoo-kum with her. The paralytic urge to freeze passed over her immediately, but she willed her way through it. Alina then turned and ran, coward, but Aiyana got a shot off at the thing anyway. It still didn’t bleed, but it wasn’t happy. This same cycle repeated again, with her realizing it was futile to let it wear away her will. She changed to a Raven and escaped to the edge of the clearing, hoping it would follow.Weary from fighting paralysis, she drew it away from the shack, flying and circling for 10 long hours until the sun began to rise rose. As the skoo-kum lost hope, and stopped fighting to disperse into morning mist, Aiyana felt a tinge of sadness and prayed that Crow would speed the woman’s spirit to the afterworld.

Exhausted, she flew to her car where she was surprised to see crime scene tape. She wondered fleetingly if Alina had been carjacked, but her phone showed she was alive. Coward. She hadn’t been sure how much she could trust Alina, and now was pretty sure she couldn’t trust her at all. She certainly didn’t have much care for Aiyana’s life. She’d run without even looking back. If there was anything worse than a break-up via text it was “are you still alive even though I left you with the deadly creature” via text. And then staying away, completely, not even coming to check as Aiyana spent ten hours circling endlessly to keep the creature away from its skin… Twice now, she’d distracted that skoo-kum from Alina, attacking it and drawing its attention to herself, as if Alina were part of her community. She forgot that Alina wasn’t, really, she was an outsider. One of them. Not to be trusted.

Leaving Dr. Olivette a simple message “She dissipated in the dawn’s light – the skin is still there, if you want a salty trophy. There’s infrared video I’ll be sending when I wake up,” she slips exhaustedly into her bed and feels a pang of longing for her neighborhood, with its tight-knit community where family, friends, neighbors, and even fellow gang members had your back and watched out for each other. The world, it seemed, was darker than it seemed and showed no signs of lightening any time soon. It’d be nice to have some help. She was so damned tired.

Fourth Session, ST OOC

Deciding to try Dr. Olivette’s suggestion of salting the skin, Aiyana and Alina headed to the park at sundown. A bit after dark, the mysterious light appeared, and then faded away into an incoming fog.
While Aiyana went to investigate, Alina stayed behind, presumably watching her back. An intense feeling of fear came over her as she waited, cowering the the blind. It wasn’t until her willpower began to drain that she realized something was wrong. As the waves of emotion began to crest into a deep depression, she decided to make a run for the shack, where Aiyana had found the witch’s skin and was pouring salt on it.
The spirit ball manifested in the cramped confines of the shack, lashing out at Aiyana, who resisted its attempts to paralyze her, and fired back at it. Alina fled, while Aiyana, after bullets seemed ineffective, decided to fly away and occupy the spirit, lest it attempt to clear the salt from it’s skin.
When Alina made it back to her car, she came upon some would-be carjackers, but conflict was avoided through a drive-by by a rival gang, leaving one of the three carjackers dead and one critically wounded. After pleas of help from the survivor and some quick first aid to stop the major bleeding, Alina took the pair to the hospital, where she learned about a brutal new gang in town, the K.
Back at the shack, when morning came, the spirit simply faded away into the morning mists. An irritated Aiyana headed back to her vehicle, finding the area of the parking lot where Alina parked to be cordoned off with crime scene tape.

Session 3: Wherein We Learn that a Betty White Look Alike Steals the Souls of Babies

The day started out, well, weird but not too badly. Aiyana interviewed a few more mothers, finding more connections to cats. She thinks about it, but, it seemed like the cats at the shack did not like the skoo-kum. They yowled and screamed as if fighting. She wonders what the connection is, but, perhaps cats just see evil spirits and don’t like them? There were enough chicken bones around that shack to draw a horde of cats, so maybe that was enough.

She stopped by the shack again, wondering about the cats and was shocked to see there weren’t any. Not a single cat, where there had been at least a dozen last night. She was equally shocked to see an ancient woman living in the shack and tried chatting with her, tried to get her out of the shack, but the woman wasn’t having any of it. She offered her $20 to help her out (hoping, again, to build a bit of a bond), but nothing came of it except finding out the woman hated cats for digging through her stuff and trying to steal her food. Still, she set up a pair of cameras to watch the shack, just in case.

Alina was gone when she got home, so she went upstairs and searched the library for some kind of myth or occult belief about balls of ghosts, old women, and, potentially, an antagonism with cats. She ran across the “lou garou”, a Voodoo belief and felt something click into place. It seemed right.

When Alina came home, she informed Aiyana of her daily activities, and, in return, Aiyana told her about the Voodoo story. The two travelled to the homes of two drug addicts who were pregnant, but hadn’t been heard from, nor had anyone heard of their babies birth or death. They weren’t on the list. The first house was a bust. It wasn’t worth the time spent picking the lock, it was empty and there were no baby items at all. The second house was a crack den, and it took $10 to find the woman, and $50 to make her talk. Aiyana offered her help with rehab, got the name of her dealer, and files the name away.

When Alina decided to wait for their appointment at home, Aiyana decided to follow up with the dealer. She saw the negative effect drugs had on her community… she really wished they’d go sell in some rich neighborhood and bring money into the community, instead of leaving the men and women of her home shells. She found out the rough details of the kingpin and makes a mental note of her next “job” details. When Alina and the Professor aren’t paying attention, she’ll set up the cameras and bugs for a pay day. It’s time his money went to a better place – she thinks a women’s shelter might be best. With, of course, a modest finder’s fee for herself.

The meeting with the Professor was at least somewhat productive, allowing her to employ her Spanish skills to take out her frustration on her Professor. She didn’t have anything personal against the woman, but, come on? Two graduate students vs. a Voodoo shapeshifter? The question of how to stop Yvonne (if she really was the shifter) circled in Aiyana’s mind… She could bond with the old woman, maybe, over their shared attributes. Maybe setting the woman up as a crack dealer or meth cook? That’d be a good use of a dealer’s stash. It seems this creature is hard to deal with in skoo-kum form. If she can’t shake Alina and talk to the woman alone, salting the skin is the best chance they have. They don’t even know where she’ll strike next, so salt it will have to be. She just hopes the skin is easy to find – she didn’t see any skin laying around last night.

Third Session, ST OOC

In the morning, Aiyana went and talked to Catherine Samson, who has been very distraught about the death of Henry. Catherine reported hearing cats fighting the night Henry died.
Alina went to church, and was directed to Father Anthony, who knows about exorcisms. Father Anthony didn’t have much to help, but directed Alina to the Saving Light Motherhood Center, a clinic where Father Anthony volunteers at and mentioned knowing that some of the mothers had visited.
Aiyana talked to Henry and Anna Wallace, grandparents of Thomas and Jacob. There she found cat footprints on the windowsill of the infant’s room. Returning to the house, Aiyana researched what they could be dealing with and found some useful information about Loogarous.
Visiting the clinic, Alina was asked by the head nurse to check on two women that hadn’t been back in some time, LeAnn Jakes and Mary Sara James.
Aiyana returned to the shack, finding no cats, but an angry old woman. She tried to convince her to get help, but the woman was uncooperative.
Alina and Aiyana searched for LeAnn Jakes, but found an empty house with no signs of children. They found Mary Sara James at a crack house, who reported that her baby was dead and that LeAnn might be found in similar circumstances.
Alina and Aiyana met with Dr. Olivette, and learned more about Loogarous. They began to form a plan to deal with Yvonne, who Aiyana identified through mail found at the shack.

Fuck this Country
Fuck, I’m going to get deported. I would have to pick an advisor/landlord that wants me to figure out what’s been killing babies in this fucking city. I went with my roommate to the home of the last living baby in the neighborhood (My advice? move out of this fucking city till he’s a toddler), and I get promptly abandoned in the van, get spooked by a ghost cat, attacked by a glowing ball of light; and when I did the self-sacrificial thing and checked on the baby, the mom says she’s calling the cops. Fuck, I’m getting deported. Fuck this Country anyways. I’ll take a golem anyday.
Skoo-kum, Apparently, Don't Like Guns

Alina had decided to tag along to check on the last living baby. Aiyana was relatively surprised to notice that the grandmother had actually already taken precautions of her own. She recognized, vaguely, the Voodoo symbols on the walls, the garlic satchel on the door, and the red twine around the windows. Pennies along the doorway, that was another alternative to salt. She’d have to remember that…

The night wasn’t entirely wasted, as she strolled out the door to find Alina staring at an angry cat that’d jumped on the hood of the fucking car. A glance told her Alina wasn’t looking, and she shifted to follow the startled cat to that dank pit known as the park. Fuck, there were a LOT of cats in there, surrounding this shitty little shack. She’d be back later, but for now, Alina might need a hand. She got back just in time to find Alina, again, trapped in the SUV, this time by that damned skoo-kum. She landed behind the car, out of sight, and shifted and shot the thing in one smooth action. It didn’t seem to like that, but the damn thing didn’t bleed. Then her muscles seized up and she saw a flash. Skoo-kum mustn’t like guns, because the thing took off like a bat out of hell. When Aiyana glanced at Alina, she was looking at something, so she shifted again and took off after it, following it down the alley where it suddenly disappeared into the night.

The shack? Alina would assume she’d taken off after it or run away, either way, she had a moment of time. She flew back to the shack at double time and searched the place. Nothing much to be seen, really, some random pamphlets. Then the skoo-kum came back, she saw the light glittering in the trees from the cabin. Well, she wasn’t going to fuck with it again. Not after last time, she needed to know more about it. She called out and it disappeared, so she fled.

The car ride home was… tense. Alina was not amused at having been left in Aiyana’s car with no keys and no way to go home. Aiyana wasn’t about to tell Alina what all was hidden in this car, but she suggested they take separate cars from now on… not only to prevent such things, but well, to give two targets and keep Alina from discovering what all was in the SUV. She hadn’t told Alina about the shack, not yet. She wasn’t sure if that thing followed her or was heading there. She starts to think it was heading there (why disappear and then reappear, but not attack her?). So many questions whirl in her mind as she heads to sleep, along with a few curses aimed at Dr. Olivette; what the fuck does that gringa think I can do about a skoo-kum that doesn’t even bleed?

Second Session, ST OOC

Aiyana picked up Alina and together they went to the home of the only living child in Garden View, Benjen Wallis. With Alina waiting in the car, Aiyana spoke to the boy’s grandmother, Kate, and discovered that she had placed many “wards” around the house.
A cat jumped on the hood of the car, and Alina took a picture of it using a Kirilian camera. The photo indicated that there was an unnatural presence around the cat. The cat fled at the flash, and, returning, Aiyana chased after it, following it to Thomas Park. There she found a great number of cats surrounding a small shack, littered with Chicken bones.
Meanwhile, back at the Wallis’, Alina noticed a strange ball of light approaching the home. Taking a picture seemed to get it’s attention, and it flew towards Alina, who found herself paralyzed with fear. Aiyana arrived soon after, and shot the sphere, which then fled. Alina noticed that the picture she took seemed to project and aura of intense hatred. Aiyana followed the sphere until it disappeared in an alley a short distance away.
Alina attempted to talk to Kate Wallis, but the old woman wanted nothing to do with her, hiding inside and saying she called the cops after the gunshot. Returning to the park, Aiyana entered the shack, where, among various trash and racist literature, she found a small box just as the cats outside became disturbed at something. The ball of light was approaching the shack, until Aiyana called out to it, and it disappeared once again.

Crazy Gringas

Chris said make a log of what I did, like a journal, so here’s my stab at it (also, this is what you get when you don’t give guidelines.)

That pinche pendejo loca gringa profesor perra, sticking her nose into community business, and for what? To stick a pair of desperate grad students with looking for a fucking skoo-kum. And one of those grad students had a student visa at risk. Professor aside, Aiyana felt the tug of community pulling at her, especially with her cousin fitting so neatly in with the victims. So, she started with her cousin.

She didn’t get much to go on – a ball of light. A crazy old man, a woman who may have seen something so awful she slit her wrists, another woman touched by God whose children described the “Angel” as a ball of white light. A “big fucking cat”, and a REAL loca gringa. She felt compelled to try and help the crazy one – she only hoped she remembered the lines of salt go on the floor, not up her nose. It’d been a long night, a bit crazy, but between Alina and her, they’d gotten a real lead. The only infant under 6 months not to die yet. It’s looking like she has one last errand to run before she can sleep. She’d like to go home to her bed and process this all, maybe check her books for shapeshifting baby killing cat demons, but… She’d just visited half a dozen women, families, who’d lost a baby. She can’t help but remember the tight, suffocating feeling when Xavier died. One more stop before bed, if only to ensure another family doesn’t have to feel that sting. She’d heard Alina – watch for mirrors. She remembered her grandmother Troeh and kept sage tucked into her pocket. If nothing else, perhaps she could rig up a dream catcher and pray that her Raven spirit let her trick the skoo-kum into it. Maybe.

First Session, ST OOC

Aiyana and Alina were asked by Dr. Olivette to investigate strange happenings in Garden View. Marit explained the concepts of Archetypes and Avatars, thinking that they may have something to do with the situation.
Investigating a string of infant deaths, Aiyana went to visit her cousin, Louise Washington, who lost her baby. Louise reported seeing a strange light outside her window that night. Investigating an apartment across the way for the source of the light, Aiyana was directed to the apartment of Jane Poe, who was very uncooperative. Breaking in after Jane stopped responding, Aiyana found her dead in her bathtub. In the meantime, Alina searched for records of the dead children, and found a number of leads.
On the information relayed from Alina, Aiyana went to the home of Catherine and Jonah Frazier. Jonah appeared tired and said that Catherine was asleep, and hadn’t been sleeping well. Jonah asked Aiyana to come back the next morning.
Next, she went to Karen Frazier’s. Karen was disturbed by the insinuation that she had been responsible for the death, and reported seeing a very large cat the day Brenda died.
Then Aiyana visited Lucy Wahls, who believed Rick was taken to heaven by an angel because two of her other children reported seeing a bright light that night. The children drew pictures of a ball of light, which may or may not have had wings.
Lastly, Aiyana went to the scene of the most recent death. Gilda Smith was very paranoid, but reported seeing a “ghost” looming over her bed the night her baby died.


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